Caron Bowman

Caron Bowman, SoFlo Superflat Artist Copyright ©2010

Caron Bowman artwork is a combination of surrealism, pop art, and graffiti. Moreover, her artwork is about intensity of color, curved lines, and daring patterns unified into one language. There is an almost dream-like quality to the rhythm and unfurling of the forms in the work

Caron Bowman is a multi-disciplined artist and her work uses a diverse spectrum of mediums. She has been profiled by fashion photographer Nick Knight's -SHOWstudio, Smithsonian American Latino Museum and Beck’s Greenbox Series. This year, she was a featured artist in the Wynwood Miami Mix Art Fair, Art Palm Beach satellite Continuum Art Fair.  She was selected by Bombay Sapphire Corporation /Russell and Danny Simmons' Rush Philanthropic Art Foundation to be included in the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series. Rapper Kendrick Lamar in association with Creative Allies showcased her artwork in NYC at the Galapagos Art Space. Her artwork has received international recognition and has been on display in various museums and galleries in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Caron's work gives the observer an active role in the process,  encouraging them to participate and delve further into self-reflection and the mind's potential.  For purchase inquiry of original artwork please contacGallery Guichard

She uses the term SoFlo Superflat to describe the genre. It is an urban pop art movement  that combines super-bright colors and ultra flat images. The subject matters are very diverse.   Artist working in this style  emphasize outlines and flat areas of color. What is important is the feeling of flatness. Our culture in SoFlo doesn't have 3-D,"  anymore instead we have  the compression of genres which is  shown through the pop-inflected work.

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Pubic Art

“Art in the public sphere adds directly to the ‘ Liveability ’ of cities creating positive economic spin offs. Moreover public art and good urban design assist in urban regeneration and contributes to the branding of cities. Art has the positive effect of bring together diverse communities.“ Caron Bowman

Painted Pompano Series 
Public art for the City of Pompano Beach, FL 

Paint by Numbers Mural Project 
Created moveable  public art for the City of West Palm Beach

Keys to the Cities 
Kretzer Piano Northwood Art District West Palm Beach

Neon Planes Art Installation
An interactive light mural installation for the City of West Palm Beach's Art In Public Places 

Embroidery Thread Painting 

The" language of thread,"traditional objects and techniques are used to create eloquent works of art

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Embroidery  can easily be construed as decorative and therefore dismissed by contemporary art audiences.   The work of embroidery and decoration of textiles is associated with women, therefore, historically speaking, an undervalued activity. So by taking this formerly undervalued work, and raising it to an art form, I am challenging the stigmas associated with fiber art in contemporary art. For that reason it is necessary for me to put extra focus on the conceptual framework behind my art

My work initially starts from visual research, looking primarily at photographs of appropriate subjects which I manipulate into my own language. Color is a very important component to my  work and that color palette is inspired by the Huichol Indian’s technique of alternating strong and soft colors to achieve the effects of complementary opposition and to create dynamic balance. Many of my fiber pieces are inspired by history and Central American culture . History is not simply the recording of past events ¬ it is a living, breathing entity, filling the space of our present and shaping contemporary identities.  Generally, each piece contains about 150 hand  stitches per square inch.


“Quilts have always lent themselves to giving a voice to the unheard”Stacy Hollander, curator of the American Folk Art Museum’

Quilts are the democratic fusions of the distinguished heritage of painting, the new emerging field of digital art and the domestic practice of quilting.  Part of my quilt work practices includes the use of digital sublimation printing on cloth, video quilts, graffiti, and photographs.When quilts are taken out of the usual context and put in the new, they are given an entirely new character.

Video Art

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s moving portraits, “Film Project” is a continuous series of works utilizing the moving image.  The idea is to create moving graffiti mural paintings that encompass transformation and change. Audiences often only see the end of the creative process when a painting is in a static mode. Through the use of new technology the organic process of  surrealist abstraction can  be captured and shared in a spherical process.  Exploring beyond the frontiers of conventional paintings.



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