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Caron Bowman, SoFlo Superflat Artist Copyright ©2010

Bio/ Artist Statement

Caron Bowman is a multi-disciplined artist and her work spans many techniques including drawing, painting, and fiber media. Her artwork has received international recognition and has been on display at the Marc Chagall Museum, DuSable Museum, Harlem Fine Arts Show, ARCO Madrid Fair, Continuum Art Fair, and Art Africa Fair. She is an American artist of Afro-Honduran descent. She was born in the City of West Palm Beach, FL. and her parents are from Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras. Caron has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Master of Arts degree in ESE. She has been influenced by Pop art, Surrealism, , Latin American and Caribbean art and  she synthesized these qualities into her work.

 Her artwork is about intensity of color, curved lines, and daring patterns unified into one language. There is an almost dream-like quality to the rhythm and unfurling of the forms in her  work. In the creation of her artwork, Caron uses the technique of ?automatic drawing? as a way to incorporate randomness and the subconscious into her drawings. Similar to Joan Miro and Keith Haring, she feels that automatic drawing freed her from artistic conventions and everyday thinking. In her work the faces, people, and symbols have become a pictorial language. She uses a Superflat style of painting with flat figures and intensely bright colors, which is redolent of the graphic flatness of Keith Haring?s work. Color is a very important component to her work and that color palate is inspired by Huichol Indian?s technique of alternating strong and soft colors to achieve the effects of complementary opposition and to create dynamic balance. Another part of Caron?s studio practice is the use of fiber art including: embroidery, painted quilts, wood, and  cloth. The textile pieces can be labor intensive and take up to six months to create. Her artwork embraces a range of human emotions and spirituality and she captures the metaphysical world in her work. 

 In 2017, she was the winner of  the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series and  represented the  Miami Region at Scope Art Fair .  The Artisan Series profiles the best emerging artist in the country. She was a featured artist in the Wynwood Miami Mix Art Fair. In 2013, Rapper Kendrick Lamar in association with Creative Allies showcased her artwork in NYC at the Galapagos Art Space.  The Beck's corporation selected her as a semi-finalist for the 2012 Beck?s Green Box augmented reality series - which featured the best emerging artist around the globe. Her work is currently on display on the Beck?s global website. 

Her art was chosen as the official image for the 2012 Miami Beach Stepping Out for the Arts Luncheon. She was selected for the Fiat /Redeye graffiti challenge, which showcased the best in graffiti and street art in Broward County. She has been profiled by The American Latino Museum, The 2016 and 2015, Los Angeles African American Heritage Guide, fashion photographer Nick Knight's  SHOWstudio, and the Tom Joyner Foundation. Throughout the years, Caron has lent her talent, energy, and time to many philanthropic causes, such as Armory Art Center, The ARC of Palm Beach County and Kretzer Piano Music Foundation. 



Selected Exhibitions
2017 Scope Art Show , Miami FL

2017 Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach FL

2017 Fordista Lake Worth, FL

2016 Art Lab Wynwood Miami, FL

2016 Continuum Art Fair, West Palm Beach

2015 Emerge  Miami, FL  2015 Continuum Art Fair  West Palm Beach, FL

2015 African American Showcase Jupiter, FL

2014 Herradura Art Collection Miami Basel 

Miami Beach, FL 

2014 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Brisky Gallery Miami, FL 

2014 Continuum Pop-up Satellite Art Fair (Art Palm Beach Week) Palm Beach, FL

2014 Ubuntu Ft Lauderdale, FL  

2014 DuSable Museum  Chicago, IL  

2013 Miami Mix Art Fair(Miami Basel)  Miami, FL  

2013 Harlem Fine Arts Show  New York, NY 

2013 Kendrick Lamar’s Maad City Good Kidd New York, NY 

2013 Feria ARCO Madrid Fair Bombay Sapphire Living with Imagination Art Gallery Madrid, Spain

 2013 Seasons Sioux Falls, South Dakota 

2012 Stepping Out for the Arts  Miami, FL 

2012 Nick Knight /Le Printemps Visions Couture' Paris, France 

2012 ArtAfrica Fair (Miami Basel) Miami, FL 

2011 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Miguel Parades Gallery Miami, Florida 

2011 Wanderer Ship Marc Chagall Museum Vitebsk, Belarus  


Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series 

Expressive Textiles Lighthouse Center for the Arts

 Palm Beach County Cultural Council NARP Grant Community Artist Award 

City of Riviera Beach

 Semifinalist for Beck’s Green Box Global Fund  

Semifinalist for Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series 

Creative Allies Editor’s Choice Kendrick Lammar 

Creative Allies Editor’s Choice Jose James 


Palm Beach Atlantic University BA 

Nova Southeastern Master of Art ESE 


Huffington Post 


Palm Beach post

Musi on Walls

 Palm Beach Daily Newspaper (Shiny Sheet) Sun Sentinel Newspaper 

Beck’s Global Art Fund - The Green Box Project, a global fund established to inspire, celebrate and financially support independent talent in art, design, music and fashion. 

The official image for the 2012 Miami Beach Stepping Out for the Arts Campaign

The City of Los Angeles African American Heritage Month Guide  

The American Latino Museum Artist Profile



2017 NBC Channel 6 Miami

2014 June , The List , WPTV 

2014 August, The List , WPTV 

2015 Sun Sentinel TV  

Select Public Art Commissions 

City of Pompano Beach  

 Pompano Fish Sculpture Project 

I created a design for  a fiberglass pompano fish sculpture that captured the city's  fun waterfront scene. The sculpture was fabricated by CG Witvoet 

 City of West Palm Beach 

 Neon Planes Art Installation 

 Neon Planes consists of two “puzzles” 8-by-9-foot murals that make up the installation. The temporary installation was designed site specific to the Pavilion Center in downtown West Palm Beach. Each mural contains 24 canvases that can be shuffled to create another artwork. The murals were painted with light reactive paint which glows under blacklight.  The public was invited to come and reshuffle the puzzle and create their own artwork.  This project was done as a complement by West Palm Beach AIPP(Art in Public Places)  to  nationally known Jen Lewin’s  “The Pool” installation

City of West Palm Beach Spirit Poles

for 4th on Flagler For this project, I designed banners for the theme, “Together We CREATE America”.  The banners incorporated the stars and stripes whilst capturing the flourishing arts, diversity, culture and entertainment vibe in Downtown West Palm Beach  City of West Palm Beach  

Paint by Numbers  

Paint by Numbers was a community mural project sponsored by the City of West Palm Beach, ATB Fine Art and the West Palm Beach DDA. I designed a mural celebrating the new  Arts and Entertainment District in downtown West Palm Beach.

 Kretzer Piano Foundation the  Keys to the Cities project My piano design incorporated the musical themes of the Keys to the Cities project. I wanted to inspire young musicians to pursue a career in music. The project brought   LIVE ART to the Palm Beach County area with the installation of over a dozen painted pianos being placed in public spaces. For the two-week duration of the project these pianos featured formal and impromptu concerts by professional and passersby in an open festival of music. After their public residency, the pianos were donated to local charities and community organizations.  

Herradura Tequila Corporation 

2015 Herradura Tequila Art Program

 Leveraging its long established art platform in Mexico, Herradura invited and commissioned 10 artists, in 7 cities (Miami, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco) to create a work of art. 

 Riviera Beach City Hall Project

 I Created an arts enrichment program for a low performing school. During the program, children learned how to use brushes and paint. In addition, the children in the program learned about art history and various forms of African artistic expression. The children created 10 10ft x 4ft hand painted banners to hang in the City Hall Complex. The program was made possible by an individual artist grant from the Cultural Council.  Sunfest Banner Project  Working with children from low-income communities to create works of art for the music festival. 


 My artwork has been selected to take part in the national 2014 Herradura  Art Collection. The competition takes 10 artists in 7 cities: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and San Francisco and challenges them to create works of art 

West Palm Beach artist making national strides Caron Bowman @ the American Latino Museum Campaign

Caron Bowman,image has been chosen as one of the finalist in the 2014 Campaign for The Friends of the Smithsonian American Latino Museum Local artist Caron Bowman is representing West Palm Beach(and the State of Florida) with her vibrant artwork.

 Caron Bowman is so honored to have her artwork selected as one of the finalist for American Latino Museum campaign design. As an educator, she is particularly happy about this year?s campaign theme: Honor, Educate, and Inspire.

Her art work is a combination of surrealism, pop art,soflo superflat, and graffiti Moreover, my her artwork is  about intensity of color, curved lines, and daring patterns unified into one language. When she  created the artwork, she wanted to honor part of her family tree  and her inspiration came from the American flag.She used a series of interconnected forms to represent this theme. The circle of women in the center is a symbol of wisdom, creativity, and the complexities of life. How we as a community are intertwined and intermixed culturally? Think about all the women who have inspired you in your own life? At the bottom of the piece, is the melting pot that combines all of our cultures sitting on a sea of American blue. At the top is the striped skyline that parallels to the stripes of the American flag.  ?As a graffiti artist, she  likes to combine unlikely and unusual mediums in her work. The American Melting Pot (series) (72?x60?), is a painted quilt . Moreover, she  wanted to reexamine the medium of canvas by taking the canvas off the stretcher bars and utilize it a s a textile.Throughout the years, Caron has lent her talent, energy, and time to many philanthropic causes, such as Armory Art Center, The ARC of Palm Beach County and Kretzer Piano Music Foundation. For the Kretzer foundation?s Key To The City project ,she painted a piano that was displayed in the Northwood Art District. After its public residency, the piano was donated to a local children?s charity. Using the arts to educate, Caron has worked with disabled students, creating programs to help children reach their goals no matter the disabilityShe said of her work :

?My personal quest is to create art with a spirit, moreover, transforming two dimensional materials into spiritual substance. My goal is to continue to use the vocabulary of color in order to speak visually in different languages. Creating a relationship between the un-conscious and conscious mind via abstraction and symbolism. I want to provide the viewer with just enough information to stimulate the process of interpretation, yet that same stimulation resists conclusions


Profiled on Beck's Beer Global site  




The Green Box Project, a global fund established to inspire, celebrate and financially support independent talent in art, design, music and fashion.

Over the next three years, Beck?s, through The Green Box Project, will fund and showcase 1,000 projects by individuals with unique creative vision.

The resulting art pieces will be experienced via augmented-reality in Green Boxes located around the world and will be permanently displayed in the fund?s virtual gallery.


Nelly Furtado Poster

Photo: Vote for your favorite poster! http://on.fb.me/UgBHNV // Vota por tu poster favorito! http://on.fb.me/UgBHNV *wt 


2013 Bombay Sapphire


Imagine, with Bombay Sapphire, anything is possible. Because we believes in the value of dreams, ideas, illusion. And because the power of imagination is boundless.


Kendrick Lamar in association with Creative Allies and Foot Action

 good kid m.A.A.d. city Art Show Photos from my NYC show. Kendrick Lamar in association with Creative Allies and Foot Action hosted a group art show NYC. The artwork took inspiration from his album good kid m.A.A.d. city. Kendrick and special guest Emeli Sande performed live for the audience. I would like to thank the sponsors and Kendrick Lamar and his team for sponsoring the event.



Creative Allies Editors pick





The 2012 City of Los Angeles African American Heritage Month Guide



Stepping Out for the ArtsCongratulations to Caron Bowman. Her art was chosen as the official image for the 2012 Stepping Out for the Arts Luncheon.

Proceeds go to grants through the Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council awarded to 501(c)3 art and cultural groups who produce events in Miami Beach.




Red Eye: On the edge of Fort Lauderdale's art scene

ArtServe's annual Red Eye show gathers graffiti painters, tattoo artists, musicians and other members of the area's creative underground.

  • Alfred Phillips' "Urban Development" depicts weightlifters in the alley behind his F.A.T. Village studio.
Alfred Phillips' "Urban Development" depicts weightlifters… (Alfred Phillips/Courtesy )
July 13, 2012|By Colleen Dougher, Correspondent

People who follow South Florida's art scene may be faced with a difficult decision on Saturday: Attend the Second Saturday Art Walk in Wynwood or go to the annual Red Eye show at Fort Lauderdale's ArtServe?

This is the sort of dilemma Byron Swart envisioned when he created Red Eye in 2006. "We were so tired of hearing people say they had to go down to Miami to experience anything cutting-edge or out of the ordinary," he says. "There was a definite need to start bringing something edgier to ArtServe."

His quest for edginess led him to a number of graffiti and tattoo artists in Fort Lauderdale. "We thought it was time for them to have the gallery," Swart recalls. "So we opened Red Eye."

The event's attendance has increased from 600 people for the inaugural event to about 1,500 for last year's show. "In 2008, we added a fashion component, and then we added spoken word," says Swart, ArtServe's former programs manager who now produces Red Eye at the art space through his own company, B Marketing and Events. "It's just grown and grown."

Graffiti, however, remains a core component of Red Eye, which will again include a project called Cans to Canvas. "We heard a lot about young kids getting intro trouble tagging buildings, so we were trying to teach them that rather than tag a building and get into trouble with the law and give their artwork away for free, they can tag a canvas and sell it," Swart explains. "Some of the kids' parents were thrilled about it. They said they'd never actually seen their kids working on a canvas."

Miami graffiti artist Abstrk is also thrilled about this year's Red Eye. The design he submitted in a call to artists earned him the opportunity to paint a Fiat 500, provided by Rick Case Fiat. Basically, he took the style he's applied to walls throughout Wynwood and put it on a car that's been making the rounds at art walks and festivals to promote the show.

"It will be on exhibit at Red Eye, and different graffiti artists will be there painting live on canvases," Abstrk says.

In addition to those artists, which include Ruben Ubiera, Miss Marvel, Remote, Caron Bowman and Mad Neon, the event will include dance, installations, paintings, sculpture, an open mike and a show of avant-garde fashions designed by Florida International University students. There will also be a Red Shorts Film Festival, a drumming performance by Fushu Daiko, food trucks, music from Twilight Notes DJ Adam Foster and performances by local bands the Hate Ash Buried, Boxwood, Astari Night and Speaking Volumes.

The bands will perform in ArtServe's parking lot and on nearby sidewalks. "We encourage this as it lends itself more to 'street' performances," Swart says.

It also allows more space for Red Eye's newest addition: a VIP area that promises Red Eye cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and "exclusive access to participating artists, musicians and special guests." Despite the feeling of exclusivity a $50 ticket creates, the event remains inclusive when it comes to submitted artworks.

According to Swart, the 160 submissions were reviewed by a committee whose main goal was to insure each work was either street art, graffiti or social commentary, and most made the cut. "There were a few butterflies and fluffy bunnies that did not make it in," Swart says.

The exhibition will include "Fandango" from a 30-work series by R. Lewis Hooten, who photographs peeling tree bark and arranges the images on a computer. "Fandango," which depicts the bark spread out in fanlike formations, has a kaleidoscopic feel. "I like the idea of making unusual and beautiful images from refuse that would not elicit a response on its own," he explains.

"Miss Depression" shows an unsmiling woman wearing a banner that reads, "Depression." It's part of Serafima Sokolov's "Dust Bowl" series of oil paintings based on photos from the Great Depression. "Miss Depression" derives from a 1931 photo taken in Kansas, and is presented as a reflection of our current economic state by combining black and white with sunnier colors. "I want to reflect hope of a better future in this series, not just the gloom of existence," Sokolov says. "The stories told in the words and eyes of our ancestors are lessons of survival, not defeat."

The show also includes "Urban Development," Alfred Phillips' painting of weightlifters in the graffiti-filled alley behind his F.A.T. Village studio, and "Pryde," which Lori Pratico painted following Red Eye's 2011 afterparty at the Green Room. At that party, bartender Krysti Pryde complimented Pratico on "Ink," her series of tattooed women that was on exhibit at the nightclub.

"I couldn't help but notice how striking she was, and asked her if she would be interested in modeling for me," Pratico says. "She later became my friend on Facebook, and I saw some snapshots she had taken of herself on her page."

Pratico painted "Pryde" from one of those shots. At Red Eye, she will also exhibit "Polkovitz," a portrait of West Palm Beach artist Cary Polkovitz. "He is the first male in my series, just because he's that cool," she says.


The American Latino Museum


We wanted to share with you one of the first submissions by Caron Bowman a talented artist from Florida. Here is her description of her piece "La Raza".

The inspiration for the piece La Raza started with the article “Complexity of Latino Diversity” tweeted by the American Latino Museum. I decided to create a graffiti style mural about diversity. The artwork celebrates the Native Indigenous, African, and European cultures that have resulted in a unique Latin American tradition.

The Indigenous and African heads have water surrounding them which symbolize the gateway of the spirit world. Indigenous and African people believed that bodies of water were entrances to the supernatural realm. The heads that are hidden in the Mayan water glyphs, are to represent god putting divine breathe in artistic creations. Many Indigenous groups believe that art was the result of God touching the human heart. The female and male images represent the root of the family which is the strength of Latin culture. This unique family that is blended from a myriad of cultures in one extraordinary race of people La Raza.

Caron Bowman is an Afro-Honduran multi-disciplined artist. Her artwork is about intensity of color, and daring patterns unified into one language. There is an almost dream-like quality to the rhythm and unfurling of the forms in her work. Recently, her work has been recognized by The Beck’s corporation and Rush Philanthropic Art Foundation.




Black History Month Events PBCC at Palm Beach Gardens Feb. 5-28 Art Exhibition 


Exhibition featuring the work of five African and African American artists; Caron Bowman, Burk, Walford Campbell, Vernon Grant, William Kwamena-Poh. Art Gallery at Eissey Campus Monday through Friday 9 am to 2 pm Thursdays 6 pm to 8 pm 


Anthony Burks’ dramatic African style colored pencil paintings will make you shake your head in wonderment. The serigraphs and gouache paintings of William Kwamena-Poh feature village scenes from his native Ghana. Dynamic clay sculptures of Walford Campbell resemble the curves of the human figure. 


Caron Bowman’s embroidered collages are amazing for their tightly textured stitchery, and the enormous acrylics of athletes by PBCC art professor Vernon Grant fill the room with motion   

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