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Caron Bowman, SoFlo Superflat Artist Copyright ©2010

Public Art 

As both a curator and visual artist, I create ideas that companies can implement in order to add art to their designs and plans.  Public art gives a city character and identity that makes it appealing to residents and helps to further attract visitors. Artists and designers working together offers opportunities to respond creatively to design challenges and enhances the design and development process for all parties.



"Sculpture is an art of the open air. Daylight, sunlight is necessary to it, and for me its best setting and complement is nature." 

Henry Moore

Murals can take many forms, they can integrate into the architectural design of a building or stand out from the design elements of a building. The growing interest in public art is affecting the fundamentals of city development and revitalization and is having an impact on national urban design and planning trends.


Utility Boxes

Pompano Beach Utility Art Boxes” is a public art beautification program designed to transform common traffic control utility boxes  into distinctive works of art.

City of West Palm Beach AIPP ordnance 

Chapter 78, Article V of the City Code of Ordinances establishes an Art in Public Places assessment on certain new development and construction to be used for art in public places. Specifically, this assessment applies to all new private development, new construction, renovation or remodeling, where total vertical construction costs are equal to or greater than $750,000.00.  To read the master plan click here 


An assessment application needs to be filled out and can be obtained by contacting the City of West Palm Beach. 

Art in Public Places Initial Review Art on Site

Art in Public Places Initial Review Art on Site Applicants must meet with the AiPP Coordinator prior to submitting application materials for initial review to the AiPP Committee. The Art in Public Places Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month at 4pm in City Hall. Applicants must submit the following materials electronically one week prior to the AiPP meeting: Sybille Welter [email protected]:

 1. A PDF of the Power Point presentation, which will be given by the developer, owner, artist and/or art consultant at the AiPP meeting. The following should be included in the presentaion: a. A written narrative of the project including the artist and/or artist team, and the artist selection methodology. 

b. Resume, bio and current professional portfolio of the artist(s) 

c. Rendering of proposed art work/project to scale (size, color, medium, shape, etc.) 

d. Site plan reflecting location of proposed art work 

e. An itemized budget; demonstrating direct cost association. NOTE: The Artist(s) working on the project is required to submit the budget to ensure that funds are being utilized only towards the art component as required and defined in the Ordinance

 f. If existing art works owned by the developer/owner are being presented then include a professional appraisal(s). 

g. A copy of the maintenance plan agreement submitted by the artist to the owner h. A copy of the contract between the developer and artist(s) or seller(s)

. i. * If Historic or Cultural elements are to be incorporated then make a preliminary proposal for a positive response from the Historic Preservation Committee ii. Images of historic and/or cultural elements proposed with documented date(s) iii. A written narrative describing how the work(s) or element relates to the history and/or culture of West Palm Beach iv. Evaluation and/or appraisal of the historic and cultural element What you can expect: 

These items will be distributed to the AiPP Committee in advance of the meeting. You will have 15 minutes to present your project. The Committee will then have the opportunity to ask questions and/or make recommendations regarding the placement of artworks, and/or type of artworks. 

This initial review is not an action item for approval, but an opportunity to get input from the Committee. The AiPP recommends whether or not your project may move forward to Commission for final approval. 

Next Steps: If the AiPP Committee recommends that your project move forward, the AiPP Coordinator will add your project to the Commission Agenda for final approval. This process takes approximately 2 months. It is highly recommended that the key contact person for your project stay in contact with the AiPP Coordinator during this phase of the process. Questions: Sybille Welter, Art in Public Places, Coordinator 561.822.1521 [email protected]